Laurie A. Knight, Attorney at Law, L.L.C. is devoted to helping individuals and families in Franklin, Jefferson and St. Louis counties. We understand the values and needs of the people within these communities and can provide reasonable and effective legal representation to meet those values and needs. We provide legal representation in a variety of areas such as adoption; bankruptcy; child custody, visitation, and support; divorce; DWI; guardianship; juvenile; traffic; and wills, trusts and probate. Our office has flexible appointment times. Call today for a free consultation.

Dealing with the court system, in general, is a daunting and stressful experience. Individuals and families deserve to have an experienced attorney that understands their goals and needs and can navigate them effectively through the process. At Laurie A. Knight, Attorney at Law, L.L.C., we strive for excellence. We are dedicated to providing our clients with skilled, efficient, professional and personal service. Do not face a legal situation alone. We zealously advocate for our clients and guide the client through this difficult and confusing time.

We understand that when a person is dealing with overwhelming debt, family break-ups and loss of a loved one, it is a life altering experience. No two families or situations are the same. We provide a personal approach and explain the various options that are available in each situation. We pay attention to the details to provide the most effective representation for each case. We know our clients are in crisis and are here to advocate for them and protect their rights.

The Ways We Can Help

Many times when a person is under financial crisis, he/she feels alone with no place to turn. We can help. Bankruptcy may be the answer and can provide an individual with a fresh start. We can assess whether bankruptcy is the right option for the client, and if bankruptcy is the answer, explain which chapter under the Bankruptcy Code is the correct path for the client. With our help, that mountain of debt can be conquered.

When a family is breaking up, many changes are occurring including changes in financial resources and the family dynamics. During a divorce, one spouse may need to learn new skills such as learning to handle the family finances or learning to become the primary care-giver for the children. Many changes are occurring within the family along with the emotional stress of losing a spouse. We understand these stresses and provide guidance through the family court system. We help families with child custody and support issues.

Providing for a loved-one after death is important and takes preparation. Many options are available to the client. One such option is a simple will. Another option is a living trust. We help our clients understand the options and provide an individual estate plan. We help our clients achieve their goal of providing for their loved-ones after death and guide them through the probate court process.

Laurie A. Knight, Attorney at Law, L.L.C. handles a variety of cases. Not sure if we handle that type of case or if we practice in that geographical area? Call our office; each case is assessed on an individual basis. To learn more about the ways we can help, please call our office today or complete the form on our contact page. If you, a loved one, or a friend is in need of legal advice and representation, contact our office for a free consultation.

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